Moulds, blow molding products, silicone products, injection products, silk screen printing, ink-free printing
All products need to be sent to the International Quality Control Center-SGS inspection, appearance (QA inspection), function (LAB test) of all batches of products.


The precision of the mold designed and developed by Zhibao can reach 2 wires. The internal steel material is selected and the mold structure is optimized, which can meet the production requirements of medical grade products.

The precision of the molds developed by Zhibao is at the peak of the industry. The steel material is the best choice and the mold structure is optimized to meet the production requirements of medical grade products.

  • First-class structural design, precise drawing
  • Rich manufacturing experience, more than 20 years of experience
  • Independent mold shop, providing timely logistic services for production

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Blow molding products

Produced by AOKI in Japan, the main products are PPSU, Tritan, and PP baby bottles. The raw materials are purchased from internationally renowned brands such as BASF in Germany, Eastman in the United States, and Daelim in South Korea. The signature products are standard wide mouth and ultra wide mouth PPSU baby bottles.


Silicone products

Manufactured by German ARBURG machine, the main single- and dual-material pacifiers, all raw materials are purchased from WACKER, Germany. The signature product is a super soft pacifier for newborn babies, which is extremely soft and can pass the tear test. At the same time, we independently develop the pacifier automatic lock-in technology.


Silk screen printing

The printing inks are all Marabao environmental protection inks from Germany, which can meet the requirements of monochrome and multicolor printing of different products.


Inkless printing

In order to reduce the harm of chemicals to the baby, and to solve the problem of the long-term mark of the bottle is not clear, Zhibao is the first to try the ink-free printing technology, and it has been able to mass-produce PPSU bottles.


Injection products

It is produced by German ARBURG machine and domestic Haitian machine. It can independently produce all accessories for baby bottles and water cups, including two-color handles, screw caps, dust covers, covers, cup lids, etc. The signature product is the Xiaomi insulated cup lid. Monthly production of 160,000 sets of products for the Xiaomi brand.

For all PPSU raw materials and silicone materials, we only use materials imported from BASF and WACKER. Each batch of materials is in compliance with the US FDA and European EN-71 non-toxic standards. All printing inks are purchased from Marabao, Germany. All products of the company must be sent to the International Quality Control Center-SGS for non-toxic testing and records must be made.

All raw materials, from feeding to production, and then to the warehouse, are subject to strict batch management, appearance inspection (QA inspection report), and functional testing (LAB test report). Provide pre-job quality training to workers, standardize production processes, and standardize work processes.

  • Xiaomi-producing 160,000 single items for the Xiaomi brand per month
  • Fuzhou Yingfu-Appointed our company as a professional production base.
  • Bayes Baylor-the top domestic medical silicone manufacturer, forming strategic cooperation with our company.
  • Snoopy-a strategic partner, we provide a full range of products and develop new products for them