Each batch of materials is guaranteed to meet the US FDA and European EN-71 medical and food grade standards

With world-class machinery and equipment, we insist on using the best internationally recognized materials in the industry to ensure that our products are safe and reliable and meet international testing standards such as Europe and America:
Material description:
  • PPSU-BASF, Germany
  • Silicone-WACKER / Toshiba Japan
  • Ink-Marabao, Germany (Benz-BMW class in the ink sector)
  • PP-South Korea imports
  • Tritan-Eastman, USA
  • Toner-Hong Kong Yixingxing (Hong Kong listed company, a professional toner supplier in the industry
Deeper protection of product quality

High quality, high standards, high starting point

Based on the planning of high quality, high standards, and high starting points, the company has purchased more than 30 sets of world-leading equipment such as Alber of Germany and Aoki of Japan. It fully meets all the needs of production and processing such as injection molding, blow molding, silicone processing, silk screen printing, post-processing of pacifiers, assembly, testing, and mold design and manufacturing.

Improve customer productivity

The strength of Zhibao infants

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import material


Precision processing equipment